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You can sign up and join by presenting the attached membership form at the Toy Library on a Saturday morning. Please complete this form and provide the appropriate membership fee.

Click here to download the membership form. Contact the membership officer should you have any questions.


Change your kids toys every week for free through the Subiaco Toy Library.

We are located at the Tom Dadour Centre Subiaco (363 Bagot Road, Subiaco) and open 9:30 11am each Saturday (except the Saturdays of Long Weekends when we are closed).

Christmas 2017 : we will be closing for the Christmas period on 16th December 2017 (last borrowing day and Christmas party), and we will re-open on 27th January 2018. During this period members are asked to please renew any overdue toys online. Just follow the link to Mibase below.

Other sites:     Mibase    |    Facebook

How does it work?

The Subiaco Toy Library (STL) works like a book library, except that the items borrowed are toys, games and puzzles. All the items are of good quality and are carefully selected to provide entertainment and educational benefits.

STL is an entirely self-funding, voluntary organisation operated by parents. Our target age group is families with children aged 0-5 years.

Each family is entitled to borrow five toys. Items are borrowed for a maximum period of three weeks. In order to maintain the stock, it is necessary to issue fines for toys that are returned late, damaged, or with pieces missing.

The cost

STL has an annual membership fee of $80 per family. Fees are not transferable or refundable.

Please note

STL takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to property or personal injury arising directly or indirectly from any cause relating to its equipment, and whether such damage or injury occurs on the premises or elsewhere. For insurance purposes, members are also required to sign a helmet waiver, release and indemnity for bicycles and scooters.

Care of items

Members are asked to treat all items borrowed and their packaging with good care. Where convenient, items should be removed from the packaging whilst in the home and the packaging stored until required to transport items back. Outdoor toys should be placed under cover at night and kept out of strong sunlight, rain and sprinklers. Please do not take STL items on holidays, to hospitals or locations other than your home as this is how the majority of losses and breakages occur.

Returning items after the due date

Items may be borrowed for up to three weeks. If items are returned late, an overdue fine must be paid. The fine is $1 per item per week payable on the Saturday that the items are returned.

Accordingly, if you will be away on the day your items are due back, you can return them a week earlier or renew them online using your Mibase login details.

Returning items with missing pieces

If an item is returned with missing pieces, you will be asked to borrow the item for an extra three week borrowing period. This gives you the chance to find the missing piece. If the piece cannot be found, a fine of $3 for each missing piece must be paid when the toy is returned for the second time. If the item is inoperable without the missing piece, you may be asked to refund the item for its full replacement cost. If the items are found and returned later, a refund will be given.

Returning items broken or damaged

For any breakage or damage to an item, there will be a $3 fine charged. This is payable on the day the items are returned. The committee will authorise the refunding of this fine if the damage is deemed to be normal wear and tear. If the damage renders the item unusable, the member will be charged for the cost of replacement or repair for this item.

The duty roster

As a voluntary organisation, families agree to help with its running. A volunteer member is required to assist the supervisor each Saturday.

You will be rostered 3 - 4 times in the year. The supervisor will email members regularly to ask you to select a roster date that suits you.

Roster duty will require checking the number of pieces and condition of the item and packaging and returning items to the shelves.

You should arrive at 9.15am to help the supervisor set up. If you have any questions beforehand, please contact a committee member.

Every member is also required to attend stocktake (usually around August/September) and the annual general meeting. Typically, these involve members for one to two hours for each event. You will be notified about each event when they are approaching.

To join STL

Contact us or drop by the toy library on Saturday between 9:30 11am to say hello!

Parents responsibilities?

As a voluntary, self-funded organisation, STL works because of the goodwill and support of its members, which it has enjoyed for over fifteen years. The commitment of the members and those who volunteer for the organising committee is richly appreciated and has made STL one of the most successful and enduring toy libraries in Western Australia. We encourage all new members to share the benefits of STL which have been developed over many years. In order to maintain the success of STL, upon enrolling members agree to the following:

  1. Membership priority given to residents and/or ratepayers of Subiaco.
  2. Take good care of all items borrowed and pay any fines for toys returned late, damaged, lost or stolen
  3. Assist with the running of STL by attending rostered duty sessions throughout the year
  4. Participate in the annual stocktake
  5. Participate in the annual general meeting and fundraising event (if held)
  6. Notify STL if membership contact details change
  7. Notify STL if membership is no longer required
  8. Abide by the rules and conditions for membership to STL